Intimate Knowledge IS a prerequisite.

I believe that strategies that work, only work when all of the potential challenges are known. This means that relying on experts is often NOT enough. 

Why do art historians yearn to taste the paintings of the masters? Because they know that to appreciate the impact of the message, they need to understand the environment that it has absorbed.
Yes. A bit drastic but ....

Embrace Complexity, Deliver Simplicity
I don't know anyone that appreciates a complicated idea. But I do know a lot of people who have an initial view that any simple idea is most likely simplistic. Not good!

I like to roll up my sleeves and get into the data. Sometimes there is something important in there.

Engage the Chosen Ones
We all know that we have to fit plans to capability but sometimes we just don't ask enough questions.

Is our greenfield product similar enough to the things our sales people have been selling?  Can Shipping handle the customizations that we know Production can manage? Can Accounting invoice new line items?

Nothing is worse than discovering that an initiative is failing just because someone forgot to check something.

I really think it is imperative to give opportunities to the "chosen ones"; the internal or external
partners that have the capabilities and the drive and determination to make their part a success.
Good people are hard to find.

I have realized that, if I truly have a greenfield prospect, there will be enough reward to spread around. And I remind myself that even when I don't get all the credit its still my job to help my peers succeed. If they don't, I won't.

Stay on-Point

The goal of any business is making money, but sometimes the plan presumes that achieving another goal will lead to the money. This is OK (if the assumptions are true). What isn't OK, is trying to serve two masters. 

If the objective is market share - get the market share within the financial constraints. If the goal is revenue - get the revenue within the time frame. I try hard to not derail myself by making constraints into objectives or incidental success measures into major accomplishments.

Concurrent is better than Not
I'm a big believer that a sale differed is a sale lost. Compound this that with the fact that greenfields are not stacked with well articulated sell sheets, lawyer reviewed agreements, already qualified buyers or branded products aqt the zenith of top-of-mind awareness.

Plans need to be iterative and concurrent. Get the letter of intent now and work out the contractual details at the right time. Make that brochure before the product is ready.  Go talk to people to find out if they believe the research. Make the changes needed and do it again.

Know the business 
Many a retailer has discovered that their primary business has become real-estate. Its the biggest item on their balance sheet and the asset that they must protect.

But retail is not the only environment where the obvious purpose of the business may just not be the most important aspect.