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Good people are hard to find.

The phrase "Good people are to find." is so true that I don't have a single example to illustrate it. What I can tell you is that fighting for control is not nearly as likely to create a greenfield opportunity as allowing others to 'do their thing'.

  • Deciding to partner with independent reps rather than insisting on a managed sales force opened a greenfield to launch new products in the publishing business.
  • Showing marketing clients at financial corporations how to develop their own curriculum, rather than insisting that our expertise was always required, created a greenfield of service opportunities and stronger business relationships.
  • Giving the account management function and creative execution of Consumer Relationship Marketing to a sister division stopped political infighting and opened a greenfield of net new billings.
In greenfield environments, reward is more likely to come from owning a sizable piece of a mountain rather than managing an entire mound of mud.