Do the Right Thing
I've discovered that every plan needs to be sold over and over again.

Business partners need to be convinced that it will help their business grow; customers have to believe it is right and fair; the press has to be on-board; everyone has to be singing the same song and even the competition has to hum a little to themselves.

I've found that when I stay true to the concepts below my plans are more likely to succeed.

Value Intuition

If, once I've laid out the facts, others conclude that the strategy is obvious, then it's good. If not forget about it.

Embrace the Naysayer
The fact is that often there are individuals or groups lurking around new initiatives who are eager to derail a project.

Momentum is Front End Loaded
A sale differed is a sale lost. Getting the PO or signing the deal is just the start. Critical mass is a point where commitment can't be pulled back.

Be Proud of Profit
Nothing kills a deal faster than the suspicion that it's too good to be true. And nothing fosters suspicion more than a client or partner that doesn't understand how you benefit.