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I want you around.

There was a time when postscript printers just didn't work well with PCs. Imagine my joy when I found a simple solution (a technical trick). That year I was the biggest reseller of postscript printers to corporations in Canada

During this time, I went to a meeting with my client from Bell Canada. We were discussing a fully featured AV Production Studio with her purchasing people. Of course they asked above every line item, including the $12,000 printer.

I said I could do for it $10,400 but the client immediately jumped in and corrected me. "You said we should have the $12,000 model." "Ah, yeah, sorry, you're right."  I responded.

After the meeting, I asked her why she did that (the "$12,000" model was the same model at the "$10,400" one). Her response was "I want you to stay in business. Its not just your clever trick with the printer. Its that you've always made sure that I look good for my boss. I want you around."

Its profit that enables you to stand behind your products and support your clients and partners to the best of your abilities. Most people understand this.